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Genç Düşünce Instute is an organization which believes that the species that has the right to live is not only human being; that is why, our association has been trying to raise awareness in this manner, to create projects, to engage not only our volunteers but also other people who are not working for us to organize activities related to nature, culture, education, tourism, environment, social, and health are our center of interest Our association has been involved in the field of active citizenship since the establishment. GDE provides the general public and decision-making organizations with enlightening information about international politics in order to promote a healthier understanding of international policy issues and to help them to adopt appropriate positions. In order to present effective solutions, GDE supports high quality research by intellectuals and researchers that are com- petent in a variety of disciplines. GDE’s strong publishing capacity transmits meticulous analyses of regional developments and trends to the relevant parties. With its website, reports, and periodicals, GDE supports the development of Green Enviroment Policies and international literature on a national and international scale. GDE facilitates the sharing of knowledge and ideas with the Turkish and international communities by giving out reports and attending certain conferences and by partnership with certain NGO representatives to Turkey.We have commited certain projects based on children rights , rights of people under custady and romans . These facts regard that our communication with the people are relevant to be part in the active citizenship

--Mustafa Kemal Atatürk --

"Çalışmadan, öğrenmeden, yorulmadan rahat yaşamanın yollarını alışkanlık haline getirmiş milletler; evvela haysiyetlerini, sonra hürriyetlerini ve daha sonra da istikballerini kaybetmeye mahkumdurlar"